Connect. Contribute. Commit.

Our Mission

For every child of the city of White Plains to have access to reach their potential.

About Us

The White Plains Youth Bureau has touched thousands of young lives since the Mayor and Common Council made it a formal office of city government in 1970. The White Plains Youth Bureau has one mission: helping youth grow into successful adults. Today, the Youth Bureau works with over 2000 youth each day with 50 programs backed by our proud tradition of 45 years of service.
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Because we believe that every child should have access to reach their potential we facilitate events, bolster community and corporate partnerships and do outreaches to connect people with the great work of the White Plains Youth Bureau.


Westchester County is filled with people that have a heart to see young people flourish and the Friends seek to empower people to use their time, money, talent and resources toward impacting White Plains Youth. These contributions are the lifeblood to accomplishing our goals.


Sustaining change calls for the long-term commitment of caring individuals and organization that want mult-generational health and impact in White Plains. Endowments and partnerships with key stakeholders for recurrent giving helps us plan presently and helps our mission go further faster.

Upcoming Events

Save the date October 15, 2020 – 50th Anniversary Youth Bureau Celebration Gala